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It's people who shape an organisation and it's culture. It’s people who make decisions and it's people who build client relationships. And it's people who decide over failure and success.


It’s all about me!


Select the best and right candidate

In many selection processes for top candidates, the Board and HR are confronted with crucial and difficult decisions: Which candidate is most suitable for the target position and does the chosen candidate truly have what it takes?

To obtain an impartial second opinion of proposed internal or external candidates and to be able to “look behind the curtain” it is time to produce a fully valid appraisal by means of a suitable diagnostic process, supported by specialists from outside. Our appraisals give you valuable insights in candidates’ and employees’ capacities, personality, values and competencies.

We help you gain a sounder basis for these crucial appointment decisions. In the last 15 years our specialists have done this successfully for hundreds of companies by conducting management audits for a proper validation of these decisions. The initial reason for these Management Audits or Appraisals can either be

  • Newplacement or Outplacement decisions
  • Merger, Post-Merger or Integration processes
  • Individual appraisal or company wide strategic realignment
  • Preparation and validation for the next career step (including potential diagnosis of so-called talents or high-performers)

The cost of wrong decisions

Our work mitigates the risk of poor staffing decisions in selection and appointment processes. It also mitigates costly turnover and unwanted retention and reduces the considerable follow-up costs – in particular for strategic or high-profile management and executive positions.

Sophisticated management diagnostics can increase the likelihood of success e.g. for strategic realignment or merger and integration projects. In addition, our work gives experienced managers detailed feedback and a “True North” sense for where they are in their development.

Each individual report consists of a detailed description and assessment of the candidate in comparison to a defined requirements profile. It will outline the candidate’s unique opportunities as well as risks and personal strengths or areas for improvement. In addition it is supported with tailored recommendations for on-boarding and/or further HR development.

The Management Summary for the Board and HR provides a deeper look inside with a comparison against internal peers and meaningful external benchmarks. It also includes a performance-potential-grid and displays additional aspects like retention risk, vertical vs. horizontal agility, mobility or cultural issues.

What we do... ...and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
We help you gain a sounder basis for the strategic appointment decisions.
We can increase the likelihood of success
Our work mitigates the risks of poor staffing decisions, costly turnover and unwanted retention and it reduces follow-up costs.
We are able to look “behind the curtains”
We provide Managers and senior Executives with an impartial feedback.
We offer valuable insights in real capacities, personality, values and competencies
Too often, full potential is not unveiled and people question their real positioning.
By offering a True North feedback, we help you close the gap between As-is and To-be performance

Leadership and Management

We believe that Leadership is a capability, not a role.

Everyone in an organisation needs some component of leadership development; only the manifestation varies. This is even more critical as older generations of leaders leave the workforce in large numbers, leaving newer generations of leaders to manage on their own.

Increasing and maintaining Leadership Effectiveness can only be reached by a combination of Leader Development (focussing on the individual Leader and the interaction with others) and Leadership Development (focussing on company culture and the systems through which the individual Leaders influence organisational operations).
The initial reason for a Leadership Development Program can either be:

  • Succession Management
  • High Potential Development
  • Collective multi-level Leadership Development
  • Building a High Mobility Reserve

Fundamental to our approach is a commitment to collaboratively develop a sustainable solution.

Based on a strategic purpose and executed by proven experts you can be sure that Leadership/Management Development in your skilled and motivated employees as well as in your future leaders is considered an invest and not an expense. So all our programs are designed fit-for-purpose and are linked to bespoken KPIs.

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Reflective Learning

A highly effective mix of different learning tools have one aspect in common: The concept of “Reflective learning”:

  • reflecting in action whilst doing something, and
  • reflecting on action (after an action has been done).

Learning by doing and reflecting, speeds up the acquisition of leadership capability. This continuous doing and reflecting (reinforced through one-to-one or team guidance) enables leaders to understand how their personal styles, teaming and decision-making processes shape daily work outcomes.

A number of Key Success Factors have proven effective for leadership development programs:


What we do... and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
We translate current and upcoming business needs into leadership capabilities
By turning soft skills into hard facts, invest becomes meaningful and ROI becomes measurable

We make it fit for you and fit for purpose.

Our credo: Less is more

We will focus on those leadership capabilities that have the strongest impact on results
High Performance

The concept

The health of an organisation and its long-term standing is definitely influenced by the people who work in the organisation. It’s people who make decisions and it is people who build client relationships. The archaic principle of one-man one-task is no longer conducive to many demands of business today.

The concept of the team as an entity that can deliver far more than an individual is now firmly established. The team is the unit that evaluates problems, develops strategies, and takes decisions on various aspects pertaining to the business.

A team’s effectiveness or ineffectiveness can therefore have a direct impact on the performance of a business. Ineffective teams can potentially damage the reputation of a business. Quite often, poorly performing teams are responsible for clients or customers taking their business to a rival firm. Intense competition in several business segments means the teams have to be faster, better, offer more value, and display a distinct edge.

The power

There are amazing examples what even newly created teams can achieve if they have the right support on a continuous basis: In 2012’s Tour de France Orica-GreenEdge debuted, as the SkyTeam did in 2010, winning the Tour. “It was difficult to select the final nine,” said Sports Director Matt White. “We have more than nine riders that are ready for the Tour de France. It’s a good problem to have. When picking the team, we have to identify the team goals and pick the best riders to achieve those goals over the three weeks.”

In order to accelerate the team development process and to optimise it where necessary, teams should be supported professionally. Especially during the initial formation, the team is tentative, both in terms of relationships with each other and in terms of performance.

When an organisation has highly motivated, effective teams managing various aspects of its business, the benefits to the organisation are enormous both in the tangible and intangible space.

Investing in your teams can make the difference between you and your competitors.

The challenges

The level of performance is dependant on the dynamics between the members, their external supervisors and their will to cooperate under any circumstances. Every change of team members will challenge each individual as well as the whole team and their performance. Success is achieved when there is a collective engagement in realising goals.

Teams are often put together on the basis of the availability and skills of individuals, and managers or supervisors are often not in a position to select team members. Yet such teams can and do function well. What managers and supervisors really require is an understanding of how people are likely to behave in a team. But note that the behaviour of people is not fixed: it is influenced by context and the behaviour of others.

The solution

Our High Performance Team concept is designed to optimise team performance and is applicable for different levels of development; from groups just beginning to work together to well-established groups going through a critical time. We assess the history, dynamics, and future objectives of each team to customise solutions. The starting point is always the joint identification of the status quo and the team’s goals.

Using a range of evaluation instruments as well as role-playing and outdoor action-learning exercises, we work with participants to analyse the work processes, identify and develop performance factors, build communication skills and establish team goals.

Participants will learn the critical success-factors for high-performing teams, build relationships with fellow team members, and reflect on and develop new perspectives about their own respective personalities and how they contribute to the team as a whole.

What we do... ... and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
We help you define and shape the real success factors of you teams
It helps you build long-term client relationships and therefore retain clients and sales revenues over an extended period of time
We have been successfully working with proven concepts in the professional sports arena
It positively impacts business growth and this has a direct bearing on the bottom-line of your business
We help you to sustain team effectiveness and the will to outperform
It helps you to increase quality in work output and consistently meet or even surpass client expectations
We help you maintain continuity of work teams, especially on large clients or projects
This means less need to train new members and then incorporate them into an already established team
Training and

We know that there is pressure on businesses to achieve more with their training and facilitation budgets.

We design our trainings and facilitations to appeal to busy working professionals and deliver maximum benefits to employers. Our trainings and facilitations focus on the real challenges that leaders and managers face in their day-to-day jobs.

We use practical workplace-based assessments, enhanced transfer-oriented training concepts and minimal time away from work. Our innovative workshop facilitation design ensures maximum output based on your core expectations.

Proven expertise in the following courses:

  • Step up: The first 100 days as a leader or manager
  • Time’s up: The impact of your management and leadership style
  • Out of the box: From vision to mission complete
  • Get real: How to translate a mission into meaningful goals and the right KPI’s
  • More than win-win strategies: Sales and Negotiation at its best
  • The power of conflicts: From first sights to resolved
  • Dialogic: Your communication as distinction between success and failure
  • Transformation management: How to turn soft skills into hard facts

Please contact us for more details of how we can support you

Executive and
Sales Coaching

The story

More and more companies ‘consider coaching as a key part of learning development’ and ‘crucial to their strategy‘.

80% of organisations surveyed by an independent market researcher had used or are now using coaching, and 90% of organisations with over 2,000 employees had used coaching in the past five years, 68% of companies with 230–500 employees had done the same.

What has been working so fine in the professional sports arena, has since then found it’s way into business. With further learning from each other, it was time that sports gave something back to business.

Managing is making sure people do what they know how to do. Training is teaching people to do what they don’t know how to do. Mentoring is showing people how the people who are really good at doing something do it. Counselling is helping people come to terms with issues they are facing.
Coaching is none of these – it is helping to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enabling them to use them to the best of their ability.

And most important, Coaching does not mean “Couching” in regards to Psychotherapy.

The concept

Our Coaching concept supports, consults and accompanies Top Level Managers and Experts in their business and personal (career) development.

Coaching is not about right or wrong behaviour, it‘s primarily about building a broader repository of behaviour and unusual experiences, to increase the individual performance.
The Coach acts as a sparring partner in difficult or challenging situations. The Coach offers “True North“, unbiased and differentiated Feedback. The Coach has the advantage of being able to act as an uninvolved Third Party.

Whether it is a Career Coaching for a High Potential on the verge, a Sales Manager trying to further improve his negotiation and sales skills, or an Executive seeking for external advice or a Top Leader who seeks for a “True North” sparring, we are confident to have your matching counterpart in our team of highly experienced coaches.

What we do... ...and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
  • Our Coaching focusses on opportunities to come, not on mistakes of the past!
  • Our Coaching happens in a structured one-on-one situation. Our Coaches act as a companion who reflect the behavioural styles, offering consultative support, no solutions.
  • The main philosophy of our Coaching is the support of empowerment for self assistance and self responsibility.
  • The goal is increased self reflection and self awareness to extend/expand behaviour and experience.
  • Our Coaching does not only support eliminating obvious problems/obstacles, but is meant to solve the cause and identify/eliminate those processes causing the problem/obstacle.
  • Our Coaching aims on an immediate increase of the personal performance and capabilities.
  • absolute confidentiality and discretion
  • mutual acceptance
  • specific coaching targets/goals
  • joint definition and agreement on “guiding principles/rules“
  • highly experienced and accredited Coaches