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Why trust us

Why us

The German-Australian link: Since 1838 when the first German settlers arrived near Adelaide, the number of businesses has steadily increased, to far more than 300 German companies (e.g. adidas, Allianz, Aldi, Audi, Armacell, BASF, Bayer, BMW, Bosch, BRITA, Deutsche Bank, Hella, HDI, Hochtief, Kaercher, Lufthansa, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Miele, Puma, RAG, Recaro, Sennheiser, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Volkswagen) and more than 100.000 employees.

  • The German-Australian Centre of Management combines global management knowledge and practical experience with the knowledge about distinctive features and characteristics of the German and Australian markets and environment.
  • Next to the market specifics and business environment, cultural differences have a great impact on many management topics and therefore need special attention and understanding in order to achieve the best outcome.
  • Some German attitudes like strong technical know-how, innovation, precision, quality, structural approach, responsibility and high productivity nurture today’s positive perception of products Made-in-Germany.
  • On the other side Australia’s vast resources, it’s innovative and creative strength, it’s “no worries” and “can-do-attitude” are strong drivers for economic success that are highly respected in Germany.
The Mittelstand
  • Unlike the big Management Consultancies, we have settled in a niche where the other’s don’t go:: The Mittelstand. Read what Hermann Simon, former INSEAD professor and now Chairman of Simon, Kucher & Partners has to say about the concept of Hidden Champions and why it is our conviction that this model could work as the backbone for Australia’s business:
  • The Mittelstand concept is one of Germany’s most distinctive strengths that can also be found in Austria and Switzerland; it has proven to be a very successful business model. In Germany Mittelstand makes up for more than 70% of the employee workforce and more than 50% of the GDP. These mid-tier or medium-size companies (size in general is not that important, as e.g. BMW considers itself as Mittelstand) mainly focus on export oriented innovative and high value manufactured products. Not only are these companies local champions, but many of them occupy worldwide niche market leadership positions in numerous B2B segments.
  • More and more Politicians and Economists pledge for an increase of the Mittelstand in Australia. It’s location, size and creative, innovative, research-driven power are the main components for a successful adaption.
  • The German-Australian Centre of Management can support you to inherit the success factors of the Mittelstand. Our experts have partnered with some of the most successful Mittelstand companies and Hidden Champions improving their results.
  • This knowledge and our teamwork are the foundation to deliver the best result for you.
The success factors
  • We concentrate on the few main paradigms of the Mittelstand concept:
    • Dominate a niche by building on the knowledge advantage and strive for value rather than for price.
    • Always focus on the long term view instead of quick profits. Consider any investment in people, assets, profits and returns as medium and long term returns.
    • Build a high performance culture by attracting and selecting early for the best people and by truly engaging with your employees.
    • Ensure that Management Development and Leadership Effectiveness in skilled and motivated employees as well as in future leaders is considered an invest and not an expense.
    • Create a working environment that is build on trust, value, ethics, inspiration and motivation. Think of employees as human beings instead of human resources; then you are the real Employer of Choice.
  • We have translated these paradigms into success factors, that are tangible and measurable.
What we do... and why it works
What we do…
…and why it works
We help you mitigate the level of turnover and the risk of unwanted retention by selecting early and cautious
By creating and fostering an environment of trust and inspiration, we increase your operational effectiveness and productivity
We help you build a durable high performance company culture
By considering your employees as human beings and not as human resources and by actively engaging with your employees we help you
build sustainable ties and trust
We focus on the right balance between best people, systems and processes

Like in a watch, only the exact size and placement of every gear guarantees the precision and the trust you place in it.

We help you build and maintain a fit-for-purpose company

We listen to you and we understand.
We partner with you to create the best outcome for you.
By combining your internal expertise with our market insights and best practise, we leverage a cutting-edge advantage