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In order to create and maintain the perfect working environment all systems should be chosen carefully. Often, less is more.


Create and maintain the perfect environment

Performance Management

The challenge

If this chart looks familiar to you, there a few things to talk about:
Assumption 1: this is a real high performance company and this is clearly reflected in the overall (economic and cultural) success.
Assumption 2: this company has a real issue with high performers and definitely needs to invest heavily in their further development in order to retain them.
Assumption 3 : the performance levels including the underlying goals are too soft and no one needs to stretch in order to “achieve”
Assumption 4: there is a performance management system in place; however this is not aligned to real performance factors and the execution is poorly conducted by the management.
Assumption 5: …
Assumption 6: …

Challenge Graph

The obvious

Only what get’s measured, get’s done:

From small-scale, individual goal-setting to peer specific performance reviews and to large-scale, company-wide strategic workforce planning projects, it all starts with one first important step: Defining the (right) goals and measure/evaluate the result.

During our long time in consulting business, we have come across mid-size and large companies that did not have a performance management system in place. Others had a PM system, but goals were poorly described; while at some companies none of the goals were aligned, cannibalising each other.

Not only companies, but public services in Australia and elsewhere have realised that they are in demand for a well defined and balanced performance management in order to achieve their goals in the next years:

As one example, see how this report from CPA and the University of Technology, UTS, Sydney, supports our findings of the importance for Performance Management and read their conclusions:

The solution

Our proven and tested Performance Management approach helps you to

  • close the gap between strategic planning and operational performance, so you can focus on the core business
  • coordinate and align those performance factors that have the strongest link to the best results
  • synchronise the strategic planning process with the overall and individual MbO-process to eliminate cannibalising goals
  • translate your business strategy and your planning process into cascaded specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic operational targets
  • define confirmed categories (financial, performance, leadership, value based and behaviour related)
  • define and build an easy-to-use performance catalogue with business related KPIs
  • define clear responsibilities and align the right competencies to the individual and to a company-wide performance process and matching results
  • ensure a quick but thorough and continuous feedback process to minimise reaction time and to anticipate future development
  • define clear reporting rules and a company-wide known communication process, transparent and fair
  • match the performance process to any related people development tool, creating an easy-to-use employee lifecycle process
  • align performance and value based grading into a company-wide benefits system, that is the foundation for further, measurable success (e.g. individual participation of the company’s profits)

What we do... ...and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
We provide you with an easy-to-use and state-of-the-art system, that clearly reflects your specific needs
We focus on those elements that have a clear impact on performance and align them from business strategy to matching goals, so that 1 and 1 is more than 2
We create this system with you and for you
You will earn the highest possible acceptance and yet own a system that is truly encouraging real performance
Competency Management and Frameworks

The power

Welcome to the core and to the backbone of modern and highly effective people development. There is no single part of the business that is not dependant on the right people at the right time with the right skills.


Thanks to our simple and highly effective process, Competency Management can help your company to develop its workforce throughout any challenging situation; from strategic re-alignment to Pre-Merger, Merger, Post-Merger and De-Merger and along different transition phases (esp. in the energy and resources business where companies deal with hundreds of contractors between developing, construction and steady-state).

The impact

Our Competency Management approach helps the leadership, business functions and HR to consistently define their talent needs, discover talent within the organisation and in the external market place, and develop and deploy their workforce effectively and efficiently across the organisation.


The benefits

With a proven track record of designing and implementing competency models and frameworks all over the world, we are truly confident to take on any challenge. Our approach has been tested to add real value to the business; let us show you, how.


What we do... ...and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
We match our experience to your strategic goals and support you to minimize sourcing and recruiting costs
With our transparent and thorough approach we look earlier into the needs of tomorrow, thus ensuring clearer planning that starts today
We help you to identify and invest in real talents and reduce expenses on poor performance
We create a system that gives you steady insights in competencies needed and competencies displayed. This allows you to act early and effectively.
Feedback tools

Please stay tuned for more info coming soon.