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Alle Prozesse in einer Organisation sollten einer einfachen Regel folgen: Unterstützen, nicht diktieren!


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Balance zwischen Struktur und Flexibilität


HR Check


Being the HR Responsible, there are crucial and complex questions to be answered:

HR strategy and positioning :

  • Do I have the right strategy and is it known ?
  • Am I perfectly aligned for today and tomorrow ?
  • Does my operating model and my organisational structure still fit to the business ?
  • Are our HR capacities still right ?
  • Do I really “own“ the HR space from a strategic point of view ?

HR processes and products :

  • Are my processes up to the job and running ?
  • Do I use the right/effective products ?
  • Do I lead by using the right KPIs and are they aligned to the overall business ?

HR systems and tools

  • Do I have efficient systems in place ?
  • Do our tools really measure what needs to be measured ?
  • Do I use my budget most efficiently and do I know the outcome ?

People management:

  • Does the staff have the right competencies and qualifications ?
  • Do I have the right qualification and development initiatives installed ?
  • Are we able to develop and retain the best people for the job ?
  • Is our salary up to the market ?


Different thoughts and conditions indicate it‘s worth to look further inside:

  • You have the impression of being well aligned and organised, but would appreciate an impartial response.
  • You are not sure, how your clients rate the performance of your work.
  • You feel, without knowing exactly where or what, that something isn‘t right or missing.

Feeling is good, knowing is better!

  • The purpose of the HR Check is to appraise the HR function against the current and upcoming business needs.
  • This will give HR the real insights on what to optimise and how to improve, to increase the support and to ensure the further success of the business.


The HR Check…


  • provides a thorough deep dive into the main 4 pillars of HR: strategy, people, systems and processes.
  • offers a quick and valid overall analysis as well as to-the-bone checks of selected areas of high importance.
  • provides industry-specific benchmarks and Best Practices
  • displays all the areas for structural, functional and personal development and improvements
  • concludes with a clear path and solutions of how to transit from today to tomorrow.

Optional deep dives into specific areas of high importance, e.g.

  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Sourcing, recruiting and selection process
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Controlling

What we do... ...and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
blue_arrowWe provide you with an impartial report,
uncompromising and honest. Industry specific and True North
This external view is a rare chance.
It increases the awareness of HR and supports you to be a real partner for the business and no expense factor.
blue_arrowWe tackle your HR area
against industry specific benchmarks and applied best practise.
Unlike many others
we don’t stop at the report.
We support you
with proven examples and help you as a sparring to get it up and running.
EmployeeValue Proposition

What‘s in for me?

What are the most important reasons for a trainee, employee, talent, high potential or executive to join your company? And, more important, what makes these people stay?

A few things come into mind: brand, reputation, rewards, opportunities, culture.

It seems simple and yet, many companies fail to deliver in this crucial setting of “give and get”.

The result is: high turnover, high level of poaching, low productivity, low morale, low innovative power and a company culture that is beyond belief. In the mid to long run, these factors will become more costly as these companies need to pay more and deliver more to survive.

So, how to create and sustain a compelling and honest proposition that is built on the real fundamentals of a top company? It is certainly no “copy and paste”, and it is certainly no glossy promise lying on the shelf.

What‘s in for you?

Shaping and communicating the right EVP for your company

Interesting enough, that building the EVP and delivering on it is not clearly allocated or designated to one specific unit, neither Strategy, nor HR, nor Marketing or Communications…

No wonder, that many of the EVPs, even though they might exist, are not up to the expectations of possible candidates, nor are they known internally.

We support you shaping and communicating a segmented and differentiated Employee Value Proposition that will help your business to

  • Attract and retain the real performers, externally and internally
  • Decrease costly turnover, unwanted retention and poaching
  • Increase productivity, stability, engagement and innovation

What we do... ...and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
blue_arrowWe provide you with our expert knowledge to build a proposition that really matters
We really understand your business, back and forth and thus engage with the right people and deliver the honest answers
blue_arrowWe don’t build for you, we build with you
This is your solution, customised to your specific needs
Transformation Management

A Business Case

Australia’s Super Fund business:

The Federal Government is demanding better value for members, and is encouraging competition and market consolidation. At the same time, the effects of GFC and the ongoing economic turbulences have created a much more volatile market. It is very likely that there will be lesser, but bigger funds in the future. These funds will have to compete against other players like Retail Funds and other Financial Services in order to consolidate the amount of individual accounts.

Members are increasingly demanding customized solutions instead of a one-fits-all-approach to ensure the best outcome at the beginning of their retirement. New products along the whole lifecycle will increase opportunities and risks. Transactions will become more technical with new electronic solutions like e-commerce and Client Relationship Management will use social media and other technologies as advanced mass media options.

Employees will need to adapt to the new reality by gaining new skills. Their approach has to be more entrepreneurial, pro-active and sales oriented. At the same time, it is crucial to use new technologies and stay up-to-date with market trends.

In order to avoid a substantial loss of revenues by losing funds to competitors and to stay ahead of other SuperFunds, it is about having the best acknowledged brand, the most trusted and diverse products and a compelling service that goes along with member’s expectations and their lifecycle.

The challenge

The biggest challenge is how to transform business and the people into the “new world”.

In our understanding and from our experience there are four elements that need to be addressed to make this transformation work. Tackling lesser of these elements will not be sufficient to transform the organisation thoroughly and quickly :


The questions


The solution

Our approach is simple and fast: we check thoroughly, we only touch what needs to be touched and we build fit-for-purpose.

transform while working and work while transforming


The result is a smooth and quick transformation that is safely embedded in your organisation      and that makes you the driver of the business instead of being driven.

What we do... ...and why it works

What we do…
…and why it works
blue_arrowWe know and anticipate the pressure points of the business. So we ensure to only fix what needs to be fixed
We help you transform with the speed and depth that is required to get things done while you do what you do best
blue_arrowWe do not dictate, we cooperate. Allow us to challenge you, for the better
Partnering always enables the best result and this is what we do best