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Why we do what we do


Our philosophy is simple and bold:

  • We strive for excellence and the best possible outcome for you
  • We challenge ourselves by questioning ourselves and never stop doing so
  • We stay committed and only do what we really can do

This is how we spell smart in our consulting:

  • skilful, senior, steady
  • mindful, mature, managing
  • authentic, approachable, ambitious, appreciated
  • reliable, resilient, responsible, results-oriented, respectful, real
  • thoughtful, trained, truthful, timely, trusted

Founded in 2011, smartconsulted was created as an on-the-side-project while many of us were engaged with the Big-5 in consulting business.
Since then a lot has changed: all of us were seeking for a stronger personal involvement with our clients and their expectations, instead of dealing with exhaustive internal administration and due diligence procedures.
We felt, it was time to do what we can do best: providing individual consulting and True North advisory by being there in person for our clients.
Following our heart and core principles as well as the voice of our former and recent clients, we took a bold step forward and made it happen: we went “online”.

The German-Australian Centre of Management is our reflection of the strong cultural and economic ties between these two countries (in the EU Germany is the second most important trading partner for Australia).

Member of the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Member auf the Australian Institute of Management, AIM

  • Our team of experts and partners has worked for SME and large international companies all over the world. In the last years the focus shifted towards the APAC region and selected clients in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Thanks to our regional and local network we are able to provide you with the best matching expert for each task.
  • Soon you will find a list with short descriptions of all partners and experts.



Our accreditations and certifications include:

  • Accredited Business and Executive Coaches
  • Accredited Trainer and Facilitator
  • Faculty Coach and Trainer at Accenture Education Centre in St. Charles, Chicago
  • MBTI
  • Belbin’s Team Roles
  • Lominger Instruments
  • Workplace Big Five
  • Leadership Circle I and II
  • Golden Profiler of Personality

However, we are not committed to any particular tool, but it is our conviction that it doesn’t hurt to know them in order to provide the best solution for each individual task.